Friday, November 18, 2011

The Great Turkey Adventure


At a farm, way way out in the countryside lived a turkey named Tom.  Tom lived with his Grandma and his Mama and his seven brothers and sisters.  Tom liked the farm and he liked the farmer who came out to the turkey pen every day to feed them some really good grub.


But one day on a crisp evening the farmer did not come out with grub.  The farmer came out with an ax!  


Tom's Grandma took one look at the ax and shouted "Run Tom!! Run Run for your life every turkey!"  So Tom's Grandma, and Tom's Mama, and Tom's seven brothers and sisters, and of course Tom himself, plus allllll the other turkeys (and there were about fifty of them!) started to run in different directions all at once.  And they knocked that farmer on his bum and all those turkeys escaped!


Meanwhile the farmer's wife stood looking out the door and said, "Bob!" (who was the farmer's name) "Oh Bob!  Bob Bob I'm here I'm here! I'm coming so don't move off your bum!"  The rather middle aged woman came running out to her beloved husband shrieking in horror "Bob Bob the turkeys are getting away, we'll have no Thanksgiving turkey, let's catch them!"


So while Bob and his wife gave chase, Tom and his family of turkeys ran from the farm, down the lane, through the forest, across the river and into the city.  They  had never been to a city before and were astounded by the noise and the traffic and the rude people.  Tom and his family found the subway station and waddled down the steps gobbling all the way.  The busy city folk paid them no mind at all.


"Gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble" said Tom and his family and all the other turkeys.  They swerved to the right-they swerved to the left but still kept in the same group.  "Scat scat scat scat" said an elderly man and a young woman.  


Farmer Bob and his wife did not like the city either.  They  liked their quiet farm  but they also liked their Thanksgiving turkey.  So they kept chasing the turkeys through the subway and out again onto the city streets.  Tom and his family kept running.  They did not want to be Thanksgiving dinner.  With Farmer Bob and his wife hot on their heels, Tom and the other turkeys hopped on a city bus and headed to the Empire State Building.


Tom and his family crept onto the bus while an elderly woman opened the door Tom and all the other turkeys came in.  Then the bus driver said,  "Halt there you turkeys!"  The turkeys turned around and headed for him.  And then they asked a young woman politely for her perfume.  And then they took it and sprayed it right into the bus drivers face and mouth and everywhere on him.  The bus driver yelled "Oh I'm getting off this thing!"  So he hopped off the bus and that left the turkeys to drive.


Tom's Grandma hopped behind the wheel and with a blast of the horn she put the pedal to the metal and tore off down the busy street.  The bus careened this way and that way and the turkeys fell out of their seats with a gobble gobble gobble.  "Hey watch it Grandma!"  yelled Tom. But Grandma was hard of hearing and just kept going and going and going till finally they reached the Empire State Building.  She slammed  on the breaks and the turkeys flew  into the wind shield.  But they were alright, their feathers gave them a nice cushion.


"Wowww" gasped every single turkey on the bus.  They had never seen something so big in their entire life.  Tom's grandma said "Tom, Tom, Tom,"  "Yes Grandma?"  said Tom.  "What do you think that is?"  asked Tom's grandma.  "Well, " said Tom. "I'm not actually sure what it looks like but we can make up the name for it right now."


So Tom and the other turkeys stood for a moment on the sidewalk, looking up at the Empire State Building, trying to come up with a good name for it.  "How about Big Tall Building?"  said one turkey.  "No," said another.  "How about Big Hard Rock Building?"  But those names did not sound right to Tom and the other turkeys.  Finally, Tom's Mama said, "I know, let's just call it Tom."


"Well, " said Tom. "I think that is a very good name for this building.  After all it is named after me!"  "Well, "said Tom's Grandma. "Don't just stand here staring at it, lets go investigate."  As Tom and the other turkeys approached he noticed that every step he took closer to it the building got an inch bigger.  Finally Tom and his family reached the building named Tom.


The turkeys spent a wonderful afternoon inside Tom (the building, not the turkey!)  They rode the elevator to the very top and took in all the sights.  Then they visited the gift shop where they all bought tee-shirts, snow globes and pencil cases.  Finally it was time to go.  They headed back for the bus and slowly climbed back on and took their seats.  And that was when the door slammed shut and Farmer Bob turned around in the driver's seat and said "Ah hah!!  Gotcha!"


Tom walked up to a middle aged woman who was sitting in the back seat.  He said to her that he was really going to need her pepper spray.  She lent him her pepper spray and Tom shook it up real good as he was walking up to Farmer Bob.  "You are wrong, Bob!  I've got YOU!" said Tom.  And Tom sprayed the pepper spray all over him and inside his mouth which went into his body.  And at that very instant the driver had a heart attack and died.  


NOT REALLY!  Ha ha!  Actually what happened was that just as Tom was going to spray the pepper spray into poor Farmer Bob's face, Tom's Grandma jumped up and said "Wait!  Farmer Bob, we turkeys have always been so happy on your farm, and you and your wife have taken very good care of us so far.  It doesn't seem right that you should eat us for Thanksgiving, does it?  After all, we bought you and your wife presents today!"  Farmer Bob and his wife, looked at each other in surprise.  


"Well okay," said Farmer Bob.  "Anyway, we can just buy pizza, loads and loads of it.  Any requests on what kind we should get?"


So the turkeys started calling out things like "Pepperoni"  "Sausage"  "Beets" (don't ask, they are turkeys, they are sometimes weird!)  


Farmer Bob yelled out "Okay okay stop it! We'll just get one of every kind you want!"  So the turkeys lined up and gave them their requests.  Farmer Bob called the pizza people and got the pizza and they all ate some yummy nummy ooey gooey delicious pizza.  

The End

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Big Bully

**I'm so proud of Maddie who makes it a regular practice to stick up for other kids in her class when they are being bullied.  It takes a lot of courage to do something like that.  Maddie wrote this story last night about an all too common problem. ** Typed as written!**

One day at a school not far away there was a little wimpy boy about seven years old.  His name was Frank.  But that school had something nobody wants.  that school had the meanist bigest badest Bully!  he was in kindergarden but he was 13 years old.  he punched, kicked, pinched cheated and hit.  he yelled and screamed and called peeple names.  he got supended 10 times week. but he never went home.

Now on that particylalar day there was a pep rally and unfortiontly Frank was in the bully's room.  at the pep rallys there were cheerleaders games and prises.  but as soon as there class sat down Frank noticed the bully lerking around the curtians.  What should he do he knew that the bully was up to something if he tells on the bully he will surly pound him in the ground.  (litarly). but if he lets the Bully get away with this he will surley ruin the pep-rally.  What should I do Frank said to himself.  he diceded to tell So he went up to his teacher and said Joe (who is the Bully) is messing around the stage and i think he is going to mess things up.  by the worred look on his face you can guess pretty well that he is thinking the same thing he goes up to the Bully and tells him that Frank thouht he was messing around.

Oh no said Frank out loud.  the teacher actually told Joe that he told now he was dead meat.  the worst part of all was that recess was affter the pep rally.  and in that time was Joes hunting time when there were no teachers to stop him.  he could do anything he wanted.  affter the pep rally recess came Frank was histarical.  when someone finally got him to go out he ran and hid under the slide he looke out one way but before he could look the other way he felt a tap on his shoulder he turned around saw the Bully.  he bolted across the playground as fast as he could when the Bully coutht up.  Frank and him stood face to face.  And Frank said I don't think you should be able to push around kids and hurt them the bully said what you gonna do aboutt it twirp.  I'll tell you what I'm gonna do about it. Frank yelled ready aim fier then about 9,000 spit balls came at the bully that he ran out of the school yard and said I will never come back.  everbidy cheered.  

The End

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Barfy Jack-o-Lantern

Maddie and I decided to Spin a Yarn and this is what we came up with.  If you have never spun a yarn you must try it!  We did it with just the two of us, but it's even more fun with more people. One person simply starts the story and others add to it.  We hope you enjoy our little Halloween yarn, The Barfy Jack-O-Lantern!  **warning** You might not want to be eating while you read this story! 

(Mommy) There once was a lonely old woman, who lived in a house deep in the dark dark woods.  She lived alone, except for her black cat, named Sparky.  

(Maddie) One day she was out walking into the forest.  She had left her cat at home and she was all alone.  Each step she went closer and closer into the forest.  Then suddenly...something caught her eye.  

(Mommy)  Flying through the dark trees towards her was a spooky glowing orange Jack-O-Lantern!  It had a very scary face, with jagged teeth and angry eyes.  The old woman froze in her tracks as the jack-o-lantern soared right up to her face!

(Maddie)  BOO!!!!  said the jack-o-lantern.  AHHHHHHH!!! shrieked the old woman.  So she ran and ran and ran all the way to her house.  But then her door was locked and she was cornered by the jack-o-lantern.  

(Mommy)  The old woman shrank against her door, shaking and shivering, whimpering and wailing!  The jack-o-lantern bobbed in the air in front of her.  And then it began to speak in a low scary voice....

(Maddie)  "Give meee bacccck myyyy seeeeddsss!"  moaned the jack-o-lantern.  "I-I don't k-know what you're t-talking about!" cried the old lady.  "Whhhyyy won't you givvvee meeee backkkk myyy seeddddsss?"  

(Mommy)  The old woman didn't know what to say or do, she was scared out of her wits.  Then she remembered, how just the day before she had gone out to her garden and picked the biggest, orangest, ripest pumpkin off the vine.  And she had taken that pumpkin into her little quaint kitchen and using a big, sharp carving knife, she had cut a hole in the top of that pumpkin, scooped out the seeds and pumpkin guts.  Then she had cleaned off the seeds, and thrown out the guts.  Using her big sharp knife, she had then carved a spooky scary face into her pumpkin, the same scary face that now floated in front of her.

(Maddie)  Then she took the seeds and spread them on a baking sheet, salted them and put them in the oven.  After they cooked she gobbled them all up!  Every last one.  Then she told the pumpkin, "I - I ate them!" 

(Mommy)  The jack-o-lantern howled at the top of his pumpkin lungs sending icy cold shivers up and down the old woman's spine!  "Thennnnn youuuuu willlll have tooooo barfffff myyyyy seeddddsss alllll uppppp!"  cried the jack-o-lantern.

(Maddie)  "O-okay," said the old lady.  Then she stuck her finger down her throat with a loud gagging and hacking she threw up every last seed.  "Bleck, ick, stomach acid tastes gross!"  said the old lady.  The scary jack-o-lantern looked at them and said....

(Mommy)  "Thanks ma'am!  Happy Halloween!!!"  Then he grabbed his barfed up seeds, tossed them into his empty shell and floated happily away.

The end!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Last Pumpkin

**This is a story Maddie wrote as a school assignment.  She is in the 4th grade now, I wish I had saved all of her earlier stories from other years, she's got quite the creative voice I think!  I am typing this EXACTLY as she wrote it, word for word, spelling mistakes and all.**


Imagine that you are a pumpkin-the last pumpkin in the field.  The nights are getting colder and there is snow in the air.  Won't someone come and take you home to a nice warm house?  You hear voices and see someone coming toward you...

"As they get closer to you you see that they are two littel girls out playing as they come closer to you you begin to feel excited.  Maybe you might get piked when they see you they yank and they yank on you finally you are free.  They lug you to there house then they bring you up to there room they get there coats and they look in there cupboard.  Sence you are rather big pupkin you cant emagin what kids could do with you.  then the girls took out there tea set then they carefully set up there tea set on you.  they had the best tea party ever with little sandwitchs and cupcakes with tea and milk. then there mother came in and said how cute."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink Bunny At The Library

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Maddie.  Maddie was five years old and had light brown hair and beautiful blue eyes.  She lived with her mommy, daddy and her very best friend, Pink Bunny in a yellow house with green shutters on the windows.  Pink Bunny was not a real live bunny, but a stuffed bunny that Maddie's grandma had given her as a gift.  Pink bunny was pink of course, with little round black eyes, soft pink fur and a pretty pink bow around her neck.

Maddie was never without Pink Bunny, they went everywhere together. To the zoo, the park, the grocery store, why Pink Bunny even traveled with Maddie on a big air plane when they flew all the way to England to visit Daddy's family.  Every night Pink Bunny slept nestled in the crook of Maddie's arm.  They told each other everything and kept each other safe.  Yes, Maddie loved Pink Bunny and Pink Bunny loved Maddie.

One summer's day Maddie's mommy took Maddie and Pink Bunny to the library.  Maddie loved going to the library because she loved being read to and she was even starting to learn to read some words herself.  Maddie carried Pink Bunny into the library and went directly to the children's section, with it's little tables, pretty murals on the walls and of course books, books, books!  She laid Pink Bunny on the table and started choosing some books to take home.  After a little while Maddie found a book that she particularly liked and sat down on the floor to read it.  She was so absorbed in the story she forgot all about Pink Bunny and when her mommy said it was time to go she jumped up, taking her books to the checkout counter, so excited to have new stories to hear that night at home.

It wasn't until Mommy and Maddie were almost all the way home in the car that poor Maddie realized she did not have Pink Bunny with her!  She let out a wail that almost made Mommy drive off the road!  "Goodness Maddie!" Mommy exclaimed.  "What is wrong?"

"I forgot Pink Bunny!"  Maddie burst into tears, sobbing her heart out.  Mommy told her to calm down, that they would call daddy at work and have him pick Pink Bunny up that night on his way home.  Maddie tried to stop crying but she just couldn't stand the thought of her poor bunny sitting alone on that library table.  What if another little child came along and stole Pink Bunny??  What if they took her home and Maddie never saw her again??

As soon as they got home from the library Mommy called Nancy, the librarian and spoke to her for a moment. Maddie tried to hear what was being said but all she noticed was the slight frown on Mommy's face.  Mommy looked worried and that made Maddie worried!

"Maddie," Mommy said gently. "I'm afraid the library is getting ready to close for the day.  Daddy won't be able to get there in time to pick up Pink Bunny.  She will have to wait to be picked up until tomorrow.  I'm so sorry."

Maddie burst into fresh tears at this horrible news!!  How in the world would she ever get to sleep that night without her precious Pink Bunny??  And what must poor Pink Bunny be thinking???  Maddie was sure her bunny must think she had been abandoned.  She threw herself into her mommy's arms and sobbed.

Meanwhile, at the library Pink Bunny WAS wondering what was going on!  Where is Maddie? she thought, looking around from her place on the table.  And where was Maddie's mommy?  Then she felt gentle hands pick her up.  "Hello Pink Bunny," said a soft voice.  She looked up into the kind eyes of Nancy, the librarian.  "Looks like you're spending the night at the library tonight.  You're in for a treat, because this just happens to be our special pizza party night!"  Nancy placed Pink Bunny down on a shelf next to several other stuffed animals.  There was a green elephant, a purple giraffe, a black and white penguin and several teddy bears.  Before Pink Bunny's eyes those stuffed animals came alive and started to chatter all at once.

"Hello there chum!"  said the green elephant.  "My name's Brian, and these are my friends, Roy the giraffe, Topsy the penguin and those bears are Papa, Mama and Baby Bear.  And you are?"

Pink Bunny stared for a minute then realized she was being rude.  "Oh sorry!  My name is Pink Bunny.  I am just here for the night then my Maddie is coming to get me."

"Well you came on the right night!"  said Brian.  "Pizza party!!!"  As Nancy reappeared carrying a big box of steaming hot pizza the other animals began to bounce up and down with excitement.  What Pink Bunny didn't know, and what you probably didn't know either, was that at night in the library when the doors were locked and the building closed to the public the stuffed animals all came to life and had the grandest of times.  Most nights they passed the time reading all of the wonderful books that surrounded them, but once a month Nancy planned a special pizza party for them and this was that night.

Pink Bunny had never had pizza before but she'd always wanted to try it.  She helped herself to a slice of pizza while Nancy poured everyone a nice cold cup of lemonade.  In no time flat the pizza was gone and then Nancy put on some lively dance music.  "It's dance time!"  shouted Brian, hopping about.  So everybody danced, including Pink Bunny.  She was having so much fun she almost forgot to be sad that she wasn't with Maddie.

After they'd danced themselves silly Nancy turned off the music and turned down the  lights.  "Story time," she said softly.  Pink Bunny sat down in a circle with the others and quietly listened as Nancy read the story of the Three Little Pigs.  All too soon the story was over and it was time to go to bed.  That was when all those sad feelings that had quieted down in Pink Bunny came back out.  Little tears welled up in her black eyes and spilled down her pink cheeks.  She missed Maddie so!!!

"Poor Pink Bunny," Nancy soothed, picking her up and giving her a little cuddle. Then Nancy laid Pink Bunny in a little bed she had made for her on the floor next to Brian.  "It will soon be morning and you will be back with your Maddie," she promised.   "Now everyone fall asleep, I will see you in the morning."  Leaving a little light on so they wouldn't get scared, Nancy locked up the building and went home for the night.

That night was a restless one for both Pink Bunny and Maddie.  At home in her bed Maddie tossed and turned and cried in her sleep.  And at the library in her little bed, Pink Bunny did the same.  Neither thought morning would ever come but finally the sun rose and it was day.

In the morning when Nancy opened the library she put Pink Bunny safely on a shelf behind her desk and gave her a book to read while she waited for Maddie's daddy.  The book was called "The Runaway Bunny" and Pink Bunny liked it very much indeed.  The time seemed to drag though, even with a good book to read, but finally Pink Bunny heard a familiar voice and looked up to see Maddie's Daddy standing before the desk.

Daddy carried Pink Bunny out to his car and placed her on the dashboard so she could see out for the journey home.  Pink Bunny was so happy when Daddy pulled into the driveway and there standing in front of the little yellow house was Maddie!  Oh what joy there was when the two best friends were reunited!  Maddie hugged Pink Bunny to her chest as tight as she could and covered  her pink face with kisses.

"Oh Pink Bunny," Maddie whispered.  "I will never lose you again, I promise!"

Pink Bunny snuggled herself beneath Maddie's chin. She had had lots of fun at the library, but she was so happy to be back home in Maddie's arms, right where she belonged.

And she's been there, ever since.

The End.

***The Story Behind The Story***

As Maddie mentioned earlier this is a true story, we really did leave Pink Bunny at the library and I had one distraught little girl on my hands!  What could I do to calm her fears that her poor bunny was miserable without her?  Why make up a story about what was going on that night at the library of course!  I decided it was best if Pink Bunny had a fun party at the library so Maddie wouldn't worry too much about her being alone. I think it did the trick!  By the way, Pink Bunny was later joined by Purple Bunny who we found at the Salvation Army thrift store!  You never know where you'll find a new friend! :)

Hi I'm Maddie!

Hi I'm Maddie! I am almost 9 years old and me and my mom are writing stories together.  We hope you will like them, we will write some that we have made up and some that are based on actual things.  And sometimes we will write scary stories and sometimes we will write funny stories.  Our first story is going to be about Pink Bunny, it is based on my pink stuffed bunny and one time she got left at a library and had to stay there over night and got to make friends with the other stuffed animals and they got to eat pizza and have adventures!  And that was a little preview of the story.

About This Blog...

Welcome to our story telling blog!  My daughter Maddie and I share a love for writing and decided since we like telling stories to each other so much  it would be fun to share those stories with you.  Here you will find stories I've made up for Maddie when she was much younger than she is now (she is almost 9 years old!), some more recent ones, stories Maddie herself has written, some "yarns" we've spun together and even a few spooky tales I made up for a silly little girl who thought she wanted to get scared (and then wanted to spend the night in mom and dad's bed!).

We hope you enjoy our little tales, please feel free to comment and if you feel the need to "borrow" from these stories I guess there is not much we can do to stop you but we would appreciate a mention if you do!  Or better  yet, why not make up your own stories to share?  After all, there's plenty of room in this world for more imagination!