Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hi I'm Maddie!

Hi I'm Maddie! I am almost 9 years old and me and my mom are writing stories together.  We hope you will like them, we will write some that we have made up and some that are based on actual things.  And sometimes we will write scary stories and sometimes we will write funny stories.  Our first story is going to be about Pink Bunny, it is based on my pink stuffed bunny and one time she got left at a library and had to stay there over night and got to make friends with the other stuffed animals and they got to eat pizza and have adventures!  And that was a little preview of the story.

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  1. *waves paw* Hi Maddie ... I'm a five year old doggy furiend of Lexi *tailwags* I've just found your blog and am enjoying ready the stories you and your mama have written. Keep it up *high paws*