Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Last Pumpkin

**This is a story Maddie wrote as a school assignment.  She is in the 4th grade now, I wish I had saved all of her earlier stories from other years, she's got quite the creative voice I think!  I am typing this EXACTLY as she wrote it, word for word, spelling mistakes and all.**


Imagine that you are a pumpkin-the last pumpkin in the field.  The nights are getting colder and there is snow in the air.  Won't someone come and take you home to a nice warm house?  You hear voices and see someone coming toward you...

"As they get closer to you you see that they are two littel girls out playing as they come closer to you you begin to feel excited.  Maybe you might get piked when they see you they yank and they yank on you finally you are free.  They lug you to there house then they bring you up to there room they get there coats and they look in there cupboard.  Sence you are rather big pupkin you cant emagin what kids could do with you.  then the girls took out there tea set then they carefully set up there tea set on you.  they had the best tea party ever with little sandwitchs and cupcakes with tea and milk. then there mother came in and said how cute."

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