Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Big Bully

**I'm so proud of Maddie who makes it a regular practice to stick up for other kids in her class when they are being bullied.  It takes a lot of courage to do something like that.  Maddie wrote this story last night about an all too common problem. ** Typed as written!**

One day at a school not far away there was a little wimpy boy about seven years old.  His name was Frank.  But that school had something nobody wants.  that school had the meanist bigest badest Bully!  he was in kindergarden but he was 13 years old.  he punched, kicked, pinched cheated and hit.  he yelled and screamed and called peeple names.  he got supended 10 times week. but he never went home.

Now on that particylalar day there was a pep rally and unfortiontly Frank was in the bully's room.  at the pep rallys there were cheerleaders games and prises.  but as soon as there class sat down Frank noticed the bully lerking around the curtians.  What should he do he knew that the bully was up to something if he tells on the bully he will surly pound him in the ground.  (litarly). but if he lets the Bully get away with this he will surley ruin the pep-rally.  What should I do Frank said to himself.  he diceded to tell So he went up to his teacher and said Joe (who is the Bully) is messing around the stage and i think he is going to mess things up.  by the worred look on his face you can guess pretty well that he is thinking the same thing he goes up to the Bully and tells him that Frank thouht he was messing around.

Oh no said Frank out loud.  the teacher actually told Joe that he told now he was dead meat.  the worst part of all was that recess was affter the pep rally.  and in that time was Joes hunting time when there were no teachers to stop him.  he could do anything he wanted.  affter the pep rally recess came Frank was histarical.  when someone finally got him to go out he ran and hid under the slide he looke out one way but before he could look the other way he felt a tap on his shoulder he turned around saw the Bully.  he bolted across the playground as fast as he could when the Bully coutht up.  Frank and him stood face to face.  And Frank said I don't think you should be able to push around kids and hurt them the bully said what you gonna do aboutt it twirp.  I'll tell you what I'm gonna do about it. Frank yelled ready aim fier then about 9,000 spit balls came at the bully that he ran out of the school yard and said I will never come back.  everbidy cheered.  

The End

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