Wednesday, June 22, 2011

About This Blog...

Welcome to our story telling blog!  My daughter Maddie and I share a love for writing and decided since we like telling stories to each other so much  it would be fun to share those stories with you.  Here you will find stories I've made up for Maddie when she was much younger than she is now (she is almost 9 years old!), some more recent ones, stories Maddie herself has written, some "yarns" we've spun together and even a few spooky tales I made up for a silly little girl who thought she wanted to get scared (and then wanted to spend the night in mom and dad's bed!).

We hope you enjoy our little tales, please feel free to comment and if you feel the need to "borrow" from these stories I guess there is not much we can do to stop you but we would appreciate a mention if you do!  Or better  yet, why not make up your own stories to share?  After all, there's plenty of room in this world for more imagination!

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